How to Shop smart with WISH

If you are already familiar with this blog then you know that I LOVE a bargain! After all I am a fabulous $5 Jewelry gal! I have so many things that I enjoy and that are my hobbies. I also have two teenage sons. So I am always looking for ways to save and find great products at a great price and it isn’t always easy.

I found the WISH shopping app a little over 3 years ago. You definitely have to be careful and use some self control because oh my is it easy to get swept away. I have had my share of Wish fails as most of us who have shopped on Wish have. With time and patience I have learned how to find great quality products and save even more money!! These few simple tips and techniques will help you to have all Wish SCORES and you will be amazed at what you can get!

**I am by no means an expert. These are simply things that have worked very well for me for almost 2 years now and I am not an affiliate of Wish or being paid or compensated for this blog post.**

So let’s dive in!!

First I noticed to pay close attention to the description of items and if you don’t see specific details that you want to know about a product scroll down to the “item description” and check measurements, quantities, size charts and variations ect. I once paid $11 for what I thought was a full size torso mannequin and it turned out to be a miniature that was smaller than a large Necklace bust!!!! ( Wish FAIL)

Click on description to open details.
Item description

However if I had paid closer attention to the description and measurements and I would have seen that it was 28 centimeters NOT inches! 🤦‍♀️ Hee hee. I was rushing and excited and I learned a valuable lesson. SLOW DOWN and read more carefully!

So I highly recommend reading the product descriptions and details carefully. Then there were a few clothing items that were not of good quality. The material was much more like that of a cheap Halloween costume material than what was advertised in the photos. That leads us to my #2 tip.

I ONLY purchase items that have sold a quantity of 1,000 or higher. In my experience products that have 1,000 + buys are of better quality, materials and are exactly as pictured or super close.

If you look at the bottom of the item name and picture you will see a star rating and a number in parentheses. That number is the number of people who have purchased the item. Every time I have purchased an item that has at least 1,000 buys I have gotten a great product at a great price.

You have to use common sense to determine if the item including it’s shipping is a price that you would still consider a great deal.

Tip #3 is to look at the customer rating/review and photo. I will ONLY buy clothing and products that are housewares items or items that are fabric ect if there is a customer PHOTO!!! If there are no ratings or pictures I do not buy it. You can also earn points by rating and adding a photo/video of your purchases, I will talk more about that later.

When you see the pictures of the product in a customer photo you have a much better idea of what the product actually looks like. It is not a professional or photoshopped image. (Not saying Wish’s photos are photoshopped) I have followed these few tips and gotten so many amazing things at absolutely crazy cheap if not FREE (just pay shipping) prices. I have ordered clothing, paper and planner Accessories, makeup, health and beauty products, kitchen gadgets, wall decals, office and shipping supplies, lighting products (ring light kit, book light, cell phone clip light) I honestly just noticed certain things that seemed to lead me to great buys and I have continued to shop and get great deals for about 2 years now.

Things to be aware of:

* Wish items usually have much longer shipping waits. If you want to purchase something for a person or occasion that is in a couple of weeks or that you need by a certain date you should proceed with caution!

Most wish shipping takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. I have occasionally gotten things very quickly (within a week) but I recommend ordering at least a month in advance for a holiday or birthday ect. Even then it may be delayed but you are literally getting items at up to a 90% off so you gotta take the good with the bad.

Ways to save even MORE!

If you review your purchase and add a photo or video you can earn points. 10 points for a picture and 20 points for a short 5-10 second video. These points can be redeemed for additional savings. You can earn an additional 5%, 10%, 20% off codes. That is in addition to the already low prices!

Click on the drop down menu in your top left hand corner.
These are some of the discount codes I have earned with my points from reviewing/adding pics of my purchases.

When you open (log in) your wish app you earn a “daily login bonus” which will get you spins on the “Blitz buy” The “Blitz Buy” wheel is a fun bonus. You can spin once per day and the wheel has different numbers. The numbers are how many discounted items you will get to look at and choose from. These items are at an ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT but when you spin the wheel, you have a limited amount of time to check out to get the additional discount. I believe it is 10-20 minutes. So don’t spin until you have a few minutes to choose and check out!

The Circle wheel icon that is circled in the screenshot is the icon you would click on to spin the wheel!! It really is fun!!!

These tips have really helped me to get so many amazing things at really great prices. Remember to check how much the shipping for each item is. Once you click to buy you can click on your cart and see what the shipping cost is for that item. The shipping cost is below the price under each product.

When you order a product look at what your total will be INCLUDING shipping. If THAT price is still reasonable then you know you have found a great deal!! I have seen so many of the same products at different prices! So be sure to look around and even click on the “related” tab to view more of that product and similar items.

Then you can click on the “related” tab or even see more reviews!!! I actually use this foundation and it is AMAZING and is comparable to expensive Name Brands. I actually have a tutorial on this foundation and how to apply. 🤗🤩
You can find similar products and even the SAME product at even cheaper prices!!! Ya just gotta look my darlin’s.

Last but not least! If you ever have an order that is MUCH later than it’s estimated delivery date you can contact Wish support right in the app with just a few clicks. They will INSTANTLY REFUND YOUR MONEY. I had this happen and Wish support was amazing. Not only did they refund my money instantly (for wish credit it is instantly. For a credit to your credit or debit card it takes a few days) but they said if the product arrived after the refund to KEEP IT as a gift!!! 😍😍😍😍 shout out to my friend Paula for telling me about Wish support. 😉😘

Click to contact support. When asked if “you would like further assistance” click yes and you can choose from getting your refund in WISH cash/credit or having your money refunded back to your credit or debit card. ** having it refunded to your card may take a few days.

I am going to create a “Wish Haul” album to share with you all the great products I have found and to share great new products I discover. I truly hope that you have found this post helpful. I love finding great deals and saving money whenever possible! What mom doesn’t?! I would love to get your feedback and hear your thoughts. Have an awesome Wish score you want to share? Be sure to email me yours and I may feature you in my follow up blog post. If you enjoyed this post and found these tips helpful be sure to subscribe and share!!

Thanks so much for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you all.

With love, hugs and strong coffee wishes….




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