DIY portable necklace Holder.

If you’re familiar with my blog you know a few things that I LOVE. I love being a Paparazzi Consultant and I LOVE a good bargain or money saving DIY. Sometimes I need to take my jewelry and my Live shows wherever I go. One good example of this is my Carline lives. It’s not always convenient to take a peg board and hooks with me so I needed a way to take necklaces and bracelets with me without them getting tangled up in a gigantic mess or worse broken!! 😱😰😬😭

So I went onto Pinterest (my obvious go to for anything and everything) I saw a bunch of different posts on how to turn an oatmeal/oats or similar can into a really cool necklace carrier using a tie hanger and some creativity!! SCORE!! So this is my version of the tie hanger/upcycled can necklace holder. 😊

I didn’t have an oatmeal can to use so I used one I had around the house. I used a lemonade mix can. Honestly I think a larger oatmeal or oats can would work better just because it is a lot bigger. I will be making more so I will be sure to post those too. I ordered my tie hangers from WISH. They were $1 and $3 for shipping for a pack of 3 tie hangers. For a grand total of $4. SCORE!! I will put the link for the tie hangers from wish at the bottom of this post.

I peeled the label off and rinsed and wiped out the inside of the container. Then I cut a tiny (dime size) hole in the center of the cans lid. I got 2 bedazzled sticker sheets at Dollar Tree to cover the can and make it blingy! You can decorate your own however you want. I have seen so many great ideas that people have done. Some used the bubble paper that comes in our Paparazzi Inventory boxes and others painted or glue pretty paper or contact paper. You literally can do anything you like.

I chose the bedazzled sticker sheets because #1. Inexpensive #2. Super easy to apply you just cut and stick.

I cut the sheets to wrap around the can and stuck them on!! Super easy and fast.

I then added a strip around the edges of the lid and colored the rest of the lid and hanger with a pink sharpie!

I used a couple left over strips around the base of the hanger in the center to cover the sides of the hole I cut.

That’s it!! Now my necklace carrier is not only functional but pretty darn cute too!!

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Pore Cleaning Black Mask

Ordered from wish. I paid $1 and $2 for shipment for a grand total of $3 for this mask.

I have gigantic pores!!! 😒 I have always had issues with my skin breaking out, being oily and with my pores. I have tried so many different products and many well known and even pricey brands. I took a chance with this mask because over the past couple of years I have really learned so MUCH about ordering on WISH and getting great products at unbelievable prices.

****I will be writing a separate article on how to shop on WISH and always win!! Yes it is possible!! ******

This mask was super easy to use and really cleaned out my pores bigtime!

You apply the black mask to your clean and Dry face. It is important to wash your face thoroughly before using this mask and not have any other moisturizer or products on your face when you apply.

Avoid your hairline, eyes and eyebrows.

Apply mask in a thin but covering layer over your skin. Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes.

This is a peel off mask but in my experience it came off in several small pieces. It didn’t peel off in one large peel of a piece.

Look at all that was removed from my pores!!! Joly cannoli!

After removing the mask you can get any tiny bits of leftover mask off with a warm wet cloth.

Apply toner to your face to help shrink your pores after removing the mask. I followed up with a rich facial moisturizer before bed. Overall I was very happy with the results and will definitely purchase again.

One tube should allow for 2 to 3 mask applications. Not too shabby for a total of $3.

You can find the link to this product at the bottom of this post.

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Just a case of butterflies? Or something more…

Summer was winding down and August was coming to an end. In a few short weeks our youngest son Johnny would be joining his older brother Adam in middle school. (We called it Jr. High school when I was that age 😉) Adam was 12 years old the summer of 2017 and Johnny was just over a month away from his 11th birthday. Our middle school has grades 5th through 8th, and soon Johnny would officially be a middle schooler. I had definitely had a few “My baby is growing up so fast” mom moments as most mothers do. My husband Adam Sr. and I had married in the spring of 2004 and considered ourselves so blessed to have each other and two healthy, happy amazing kids. We had absolutely no idea that our lives were about to change forever. Over the next, almost two months we would feel the most helpless and terrified we had ever felt in our entire lives.

We still had some summer vacation left to enjoy. We spent our days outside in our backyard pool or having barbecues with our friends and neighbors. During the first week of August, Johnny had complained of a stomach ache and not feeling well. I had Asked what I had usually asked both of our boys when they’d have a tummy ache and that was “do you have to poop”. I feel like that’s a question every mom has asked from time to time. He said, that he went to the bathroom earlier and it was “kind of like diarrhea” but it was still hurting him and he had a headache also. I took his temperature and it was normal. So I gave him some children’s aspirin and a cold dampened washcloth for his forehead and sat next to him as he laid on our couch.

I remember thinking to myself that he had probably had too many freezer pops and then telling him not to have anymore for a while to give his tummy a break. Later that night he was feeling better and acting like himself again. “Yep had to be the freezer pops” I remember thinking. That was the end of it for now. Over the next week he had similar episodes again, but again there was no fever. I had given him some children’s aspirin and a damp washcloth and a couple hundred later he would be perfectly fine. I remember talking to my husband about it before bed one night. I asked if he thought maybe it could be a case of butterflies, and apprehension about starting middle school. It was getting closer to the end of summer and we both agreed it must be a case of middle school jitters.

A few days went by and Johnny felt okay and I had thought about how to talk to him and what to say should this nervousness about middle school cause another tummy ache. My husband and I were convinced that is what it must be. Just about a week and a half later it happened again. This time was much different. It was September 2nd 2017, the first day of school was September 5th but something told me this was not a nervous stomach ache or butterflies. He seemed to truly be in severe pain this time. I could tell by his rosey cheeks that he had a fever, even before I touched him. He did in fact have a temperature. It was 100.8. Not extremely high but something inside of me said that we needed to have him seen by a Dr sooner than later. It was the holiday weekend so our pediatrician’s office was closed.

I called my husband my husband at work because with this time being different and the start of the new school year so close, I thought I should take him to an urgent care center to have him seen that day. The urgent care doctor examined him and said it was most likely a virus causing his symptoms and to keep him hydrated and resting and then follow up with our family doctor. I should have felt relief. But I didn’t. Something still felt wrong and scared me. I felt an overwhelming sense of something bad coming, but I had no idea what it was. The very next day he was significantly worse and this time he was crying with pain. The stomach pains would lessen some after he had a bowel movement but he seemed weak and possibly dehydrated too. We saw our doctor on Tuesday September 5th, which would have been Johnny’s first day of middle school. Again we were told it was a virus. Again my gut was telling me that it was something more but I thought I was overreacting. Wednesday came and went with no improvement and I had talked to my husband about going back to the doctor again and I know I must have seemed like I was just worrying too much but I knew this was not just a virus. I had, had enough and on Friday I took him to the emergency room. I explained to the ER doctor that I know his symptoms don’t seem very critical but he was in horrible pain and had made no improvements and had only gotten worse. He was weak, crying in pain and his skin looked pale and almost gray to me. I was exhausted both mentally and emotionally and I was angry! I demanded that they do a cat scan or something to see what was happening.

I told her that I knew in my gut something was going on and asked her to please listen. Looking back now, I have no idea what made me say cat scan. I just knew I wanted them to somehow see what was going on inside him and it was the first thing that came into my mind. The doctor listened to me and said that she would order a cat scan of his abdomen and pelvis. They had to start an IV to give him fluids. His fever was climbing and was at 103 just as the radiology nurse came in to get us for the cat scan. I frantically called my husband from the hallway. I needed him there with me and fast. I was petrified but calm and reassuring on the outside so Johnny and my older son wouldn’t be afraid. Inside I was panicking. Neither of our boys had ever had a stitch, or an IV or been seriously ill or hospitalized and I was terrified.

This was in the emergency room waiting for the cat scan results.

I was watching Johnny and everything around us. We had gotten back to our room after the cat scan and were waiting for the results when my husband got there. His shop was 45 minutes away and I was just so grateful that he was there with us. It was less than 20 minutes minutes later when the same doctor we had seen earlier came in to talk to us about what the ct scan results had shown. Mr. And Mrs. Lummus, she said. Your sons cat scan revealed that his colin and intestines are severely and extraordinarily inflamed. He needs to be admitted immediately and be seen by a pediatric gastroenterologist right away. I felt frozen. I could hear her words but could not comprehend what was happening. I remember thinking “but it’s a virus”. I wanted it to be a stomach bug or too many freezer pops. I wanted my own mother in that moment. I felt small. Unsure and absolutely terrified. When I saw the fear in my husband’s eyes I was on the verge of losing control and falling apart.

She was Johnny’s Angel and we are forever grateful for her.

She asked where we wanted Johnny to be transferred. The emergency department we were at was a fast track ER that did not have inpatient rooms. I was in shock. I don’t know, I said. I need to call our doctor. I went in the hallway to call our doctor. He said without hesitation Johnny needs to be at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. Less than 30 minutes later the transport service arrived and Johnny asked the EMS lady if his big brother, Adam could ride with us. I was so grateful when she said yes. She was very kind and I felt a sense of calm with her. When we arrived at Rainbow we were checked in before a nurse directed us toward the elevator’s that would take us to the 6th floor, which was the gastrointestinal floor. I remember thinking about how many times we had seen Rainbow on our local news or had donated to the Rainbow Babies foundation, my heart always broke for the children and families who were at Rainbow. I always thought how lucky we were. Now we were on the other side. I remember looking at Johnny, he was so weak. All the color gone from his face other than the red circles on his cheeks from the high fever. It was a whirlwind of doctors, nurses and hospital staff all in full gowns, masks, and gloves. They had to take precautions in case what was making Johnny sick was an infectious disease. The room was spinning all around me. I could hear and see the people all moving around me and talking to each other. I felt as if I was watching in slow motion from the outside. I could see the open door of Johnny’s room and the hallway just outside of it. I started walking towards it and I felt as if my legs were made of jello.

I knew I was going to fall apart. I could feel my heart pounding throughout my entire body and my emotions welling up and my only thought was to get out of that room, so the boys wouldn’t see me lose control. I stepped into the hallway and felt lost until I saw a familiar face and that was the kind woman who had driven us there together, in the ambulance. She saw me walking out of the room and I went straight to her. I collapsed into her arms sobbing uncontrollably. I remember I kept saying “please God don’t take my baby” this woman, who I had only met a couple of hours before held me together both physically and emotionally. She was our angel and her name is Ashley. We would reconnect with her later. I was so grateful for the opportunity to tell her how much she helped me and all of us and that I would never forget her. She somehow calmed me down and I was able to go back in the room and be strong for my boys.

I knew I needed to stay calm for Johnny and little Adam. The boys had, had their fair share of brotherly arguments, annoyances and complaints but they were very close. They are only 21 months apart in age and had been each other’s best friends since the day we brought Johnny home from the hospital. We didn’t know it then but Rainbow would be our home for nearly a month and the terror we felt in those first moments was only just beginning.

Johnny had never been seriously ill or injured so we really had no idea what to expect or what the typical hospital process would be like. We just were so anxious to help stop his pain and figure it out what was making him so sick. The next few days we barely slept more than 20 minutes at a time. The team of doctors assigned to Johnny were truly incredible at taking the time to explain everything to us especially when we felt so unfamiliar with everything that was happening. The doctor’s needed to run different series of tests that included urin and stool samples along with multiple blood tests to be sure that Johnny did not have an infectious disease, a bacterial or fungal infection.

I think after the very first day in the hospital we all started to wonder if it could possibly be that Johnny had Ulcerative Colitis. My husband has UC and was diagnosed at the very young age of just 8 years old. He had over two years of symptoms and issues included constipation, diarrhea and bloody stools before his diagnosis. Johnny had never had any signs or symptoms and we just could not understand what was happening. After the third day the doctors told us there was blood present in Johnny’s stool. I was so angry at myself for not checking to see if I could see any blood in his stool myself. He had never had any problems and he was 10 years old and obviously independent in going to the bathroom. I never even thought to check and even though the doctors, my husband and everyone else had told me it wasn’t my fault I couldn’t help but feel as if I should have thought of it. I should have known somehow. Shouldn’t I have sensed something bad was going to happen? I still struggle with those questions today. The following few weeks would prove to be the most frightening and challenging days of our lives.

Johnny was in terrible pain. He was so weak he could barely lift his head to take sips of water through a straw, even while one of us would be holding the cup for him. The blood in his stools was increasing each day. The doctors had suspected that he may have Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s disease but until the tests all came back negative for the bacterial or fungal infections they could not treat with steroids. Doing so if it was a bacterial/fungal infection would be very dangerous. So all we could do is wait. They had prescribed Johnny Morphine for the pain but it didn’t seem to help him at all. He would have stabbing pains and cramping that would be so intense he would cry out in pain. Nothing broke my heart more than his shakey sweet voice crying and saying “mom it hurts so bad it just hurts” I can’t remember exactly how we thought of me reading to him but somehow me reading aloud to him helped ease the pain. He said he could focus on my voice and concentrate on the words of the worda and details of the story and somehow it was better than Morphine. So I keep on reading. I would sit cross legged in front of him in the bathroom and read. He started to have more pain while he was using the bathroom so me and our books went right in with him.

Johnny with one of the three different NG tubes he had while at Rainbow

More tests, samples, and blood work were done and repeated. Every morning they would draw more blood and his tiny arms went bruised and discolored horribly. He also had to have an MRI but because he was so nauseous and weak he was unable to drink the contrast without vomiting almost immediately and having pain and cramping. An NG tube was used to give Johnny the contrast liquid without him having to drink it orally. An NG tube (nasogastric intubation) is a thin flexible straw like tube thats inserted in the nostril and then guided down the back of the throat. He would have 3 NG tubes inserted and removed over the next few days. Finally when all tests had come back negative the doctors wanted to do an upper Gi and colonoscopy right away. They also suggested a PIC line placement for all medications/blood draws. By this time he was so incredibly sore and bruised we welcomed the suggestion and odd as it sounds we were very happy to have it. A PIC line stands for Peripherally inserted central catheter. (* A peripherally inserted central catheter, less commonly called a percutaneous indwelling central catheter, is a form of intravenous access that can be used for a prolonged period of time or for administration of substances that should not be done peripherally. )

The above photos are examples of where the PIC line is placed in your chest and what the catheter that is used looks like outside of the body.

This was in recovery after the upper GI, colonoscopy and PIC line placement procedures.
After being poked so many times and having collapsed veins and an infiltration of his IV the PIC line was a very happy alternative.

The PIC line was inserted in his upper arm and it was connected to an artery by Johnny’s heart. It was able to do two jobs. It had to different “hubs” and one was for giving Johnny his medication, fluids and nutrition/lipids the other would allow for painless and pokeless blood draws! We learned from the upper GI and colonoscopy results that he did infact have Inflammatory Bowel Disease specifically Ulcerative Colitis. We finally had some answers and the doctors were all very confident that after a few days with the steroids he would be making huge improvements. Although it is not common the doctors did discuss with us the possibility that he would not respond steroids and what other options we had. There were a couple other medications to try if the steroids didn’t help and then there was also the biologic medication too.

Dad giving Johnny some sips of water.

There was no improvement from the steroids or other medications. Over the course few days there had been no sign that the steroids or other two medications had helped him at all. He was still having pain and bloody stools and couldn’t eat at all. He had been getting his fluids and nutrients/fats through his IV and there was no change. He was now extremely anemic and needed a blood transfusion. It was after the blood transfusion that the doctor had asked to speak with my husband and I privately.

We were at day 16 and our baby was no better and getting more worn down each day. He had already been through more than most adults go through in a lifetime. He never once complained. I can honestly say that our then 10 year old little boy had so much more strength, faith and grace than I had then or even have today. He always found something to be postive about. I felt like we had yet another set back when he didn’t respond to the steroids. In most cases steroids will calm down the inflammation brought on my a flare of UC within a few days. But not in our case. When we sat down with the Gastrointestinal Doctor we had only briefly discussed the possibility of a biologic medication and still didn’t know much about it. We knew that the biologic medication was our only hope. Johnny was weak, worn out physically and emotionally and only weighed 61 lbs. Our baby boy was wasting away and I was terrified. I wanted my own mother by my side more than anything. I had lost her in the spring of 2014 and it seemed as if it had just been one bad thing after another since we lost her. I was so scared and so completely drained I still just wanted my mom, even though I was an adult and a mom too. We sat down at a round table just outside Johnny’s room in a small sitting area around the corner. It had massive windows with colorful padded window seats in a half circle shape that was the end corner of the hallway. The windows gave a Beautiful view of Case Western Reserve University which is located directly across the street from Rainbow. We could see the Beautiful campus grounds from Johnny’s room too. Our oldest son, Adam stayed with Johnny in his room so we could speak to the doctor privately. He started by recapping what we had learned this far and reiterating the point of how serious the situation was and that Johnny was very sick and extremely weak. I remember hearing his words and having this surreal feeling as if this couldn’t be our son this doctor was talking about. I felt like I was in a nightmare. We discussed the steroids and medications that we had already tried and the fact that nothing thus far had shown any signs of improvement in any of his symptoms, pains or the bleeding. Johnny could still not get out of bed without help, he was still having multiple bloody stools each day and had already received one unit of blood. He was getting all of his fluids, nutrition and lipids (fats) through his PIC line and we needn’t to do something now. We knew that the Doctor and entire team of doctors truly had Johnny’s best interests at heart and we trusted them. We knew that a biologic medication had its side effects and after everything Johnny had been through and continued to suffer with, we knew that the benefits of starting the Remicade greatly outweighed the risks. So we made the decision to start the biologic medication. The fact was that if we did not do this Johnny would only get worse and when the doctor told us that we had to do something because this had went from Johnny being seriously ill to this being a life threatening situation! We were going to do anything that we could to get him better. Johnny got his first dose of remicade that night. They had already done the hepatitis B test and we were ready to start. It would be started gradually and then continued every 8 weeks. It is given through IV infusions and after some time he would be able to get a “rapid dose” which could be given in a shorter amount of time. During the first infusion we were very nervous and just praying that he would do well and his body wouldn’t have any bad reactions or complications with the medicine. He was monitored during the first infusion constantly and the nurse took his vitals and temperature every 15 minutes. After the infusion was complete and he was okay we were so incredibly relieved, happy and so grateful!! He slept well that night for the first time in nearly 20 days and so did we.

By the second day Johnny was sitting up in bed!!! No pillow propping him up, no help at all. He was SITTING UP ON HIS OWN!! Later he was able to get up from the bed without help and walk to the bathroom without assistance and without holding on to anything. These may not seem like huge accomplishments or something to celebrate but oh celebrate we did! Every improvement to us was the hope holding us together that he WOULD get better. First time he had a formed (solid) bowel movement I wanted to throw a party! He was actually making steady and continuous improvements every day!

I can’t describe the joy and relief we felt to see him not in pain anymore, getting stronger and feeling and acting more like himself. Since he was feeling stronger we decided to take a little trip to the main floor to visit the hospital library. This was really exciting because before this he would tell me what to look for and what books or movies he would like. He couldn’t get out of the bed and certainly couldn’t handle leaving our floor. He was still getting his strength up to normal so he rode down in a wheelchair but was able to get out of the chair in the library and walk around a little. On the elevator ride back up to our room on the 6th floor is when Johnny said something that I will never forget. I knew our Johnny was a kind, faithful, generous and very brave kid. I didn’t realize the extent of his empathy at such a young age and in spite of all he had suffered through. He looked up at me from his chair and said “Mommy we are so lucky!” To be perfectly honest I thought for a second “does he have a fever? Is he delirious?” I didn’t want to scare him so I just said “why do you say that honey?” His answer still puts a lump in my throat today. He said “because, eventually I will get to go home. A lot of the kids here never will” My God my cup runneth over! He was absolutely right. Rainbow is one of the best hospitals in the entire country and we are very blessed have Rainbow practically in our own backyard. People from all over the United States come to Rainbow with their children and hope. That doesn’t change the fact that despite the greatest efforts some children may not get better and Johnny at just 10 years old saw that! Somehow through all of his pain, fear and absolute uncertainty about what was happening to him, he CHOSE to see that. He never once gave up faith, or felt sorry for himself. Every though he very well could have. How in the world did we get so lucky to have him and Adam as our boys? Johnny kept getting stronger and soon we were home, just as Johnny said in that elevator. Those days at Rainbow were both terrifying and beautiful. There is something to be said about the amazing people who work in the medical field especially with children. The doctors, nurses and staff all prayed for and with us. They celebrated every single improvement and held me together in moments when I truly felt I was at the end of my rope. The other parents that had children at Rainbow forged this instant and invisible bond. Whether we would see each other in passing in the hallway or on the way to the cafeteria or library, we didn’t always introduce ourselves in the typical way. Sometimes it would simply be a “are you okay” or just a strong hug with no words spoken. We were and always will be a tribe. We held each other when something happened that was difficult or scary and we comforted, and looked after one another. We were a family of strangers who were scared, unsure and doing everything we could to get our babies better. Whether that “baby” was 6 months, 3 years, 16 years or like Johnny 10 years old they were all OUR babies.

Today Johnny is doing well. He continues to get his Remicade treatments every 8 weeks. Now we go to the 8th floor of Rainbow which is the Hematology and oncology floor. The realities of his having an autoimmune disease and needing the Remicade have become part of our regular routine. We still have some hard days and I still and probably always will worry and overanalyze pretty much everything. I am working on that 😁😉 we try to remember how blessed we are and we are so grateful to everyone who helped to not only save Johnny’s life but to help us learn how to take care of both his physical and emotional health needs. I truly try to focus more on our blessings than our problems and I hope that any mom that may be dealing with the terrifying experience of having your child be so critically ill will know that you’re not alone. Most importantly I would want to tell you that it is not your fault. We try our very best every single day for our kids but we can not predict the future. This is something that I still struggle with and honestly I may always struggle with this. It is that thought that pops into my head every now and again that says “how did I miss this?” Or shouldn’t I have done something fasting, better, smarter..” You get the idea. It is something I think all moms struggle with at some point in their lives. It is this overwhelming criticism and microscope we put ourselves through and under. We are very quick to blame ourselves and carry that blame alone and for a very long time.

I wish I would have demanded that cat scan the very first day. Looking back realistically that would not have gotten me anywhere. Johnny had no history of serious health issues and there was no way for me to tell what was going to happen. That doesn’t stop the thoughts from coming into my head but maybe by sharing these thoughts and our family’s experiences someone who reads this will know that they are not the only mom to replay the “what if” scenarios in your mind again and again. I don’t have all the answers and I probably never will. I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty and that is that as long as you are worrying about being a good mother, chances are you already are one! Think about that for a minute. My mom used to say that a mom who was a bad mom or didn’t care or do enough for her children certainly would not be torturing herself about her abilities as a mother. Would a careless or neglectful mom be kept awake thinking about whether she has done everything well enough or often enough or in the correct way? Heck no! The very fact that you are worried about being a good enough mom is your proof that you ARE A GREAT MOM. I promise you as long as you take care of your kids essential needs, put their needs ahead of your own and love them with every fiber of your being you are an absolute rock star of a mom!

You should absolutely give yourself a break! I had some emotional moments while writing this. Talking about all of these specific details and certain things that Johnny went through or had happen made me feel the same sadness and fear I felt in those moments. I am still so glad that I wrote this. Even if no one else ever reads this I think I needed to do this for myself as well as for other moms. I believe that my writing these affirmations to reassure others that they are good parents and shouldn’t be so hard on themselves was also a way for me to say that to myself too. I truly hope that other moms and dads will read my words and find some comfort and peace. I want everyone who reads our story to walk away with an absolute certainty that you are stronger than you know. You have more courage and purpose than you may think. I think being a mom is what God made me for. It is probably the most difficult, happiest, overwhelming, incredible, and sometimes terrifying journey that God has created. I also think that it is crucial that we hear the thoughts, fears and honest thoughts of others to truly feel that we are not alone. I hope by sharing this with you that you will see that although the specifics may vary and be different the EXPERIENCE of parenthood is not something we do. It is something we feel and that we help our children to feel. I have learned so much since this all began a year and a half ago. I have seen my worst nightmare unfold before my eyes and felt helplessness that I never knew possible. I have also learned and seen that true human nature is to love, comfort, help and nurture. I felt pain for and with strangers! I may never see some of them again but their faces and the faces of their children are forever engraved in my soul. Let’s not lose sight of what is truly important just because we get comfortable in a routine and don’t have the same sense of urgency we have when something is going wrong. The fact is that our kids, no matter their ages will always be our babies. They are always watching, even when we don’t think they are. So let us give them kind, loving and caring people to imitate. That is by far the greatest example I can think of, for a “good parent ”

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A behind the scenes look at my Paparazzi Paradise!

This is my “Happy Place” this room is so special to me for many reasons. It’s also a daily reminder that I have grown so MUCH in my buissness over the past year. Although I hope to soon be finally hitting my next rank of Premier Director ( I am currently a Director) I have an amazing team that I love and my customer base has grown tremendously since I started my Paparazzi journey over a year ago. I went from a small table, one chair and a small bifold peg board and wall mounted peg board in the corner of my living room by my fireplace to a WHOLE entire 12ft by 10ft spare bedroom that is now functioning as my home boutique and the location of my Paparazzi Facebook Live shows and my blog and YouTube videos and vlogs!!

The sky is the limit with Paparazzi and I will continue to reach for the stars!!!

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My beginning and journey as an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories.

Most of you that are familiar with my blog already know that I am a wife, mom of two amazing boys and of course a Paparazzi Independent consultant!! I wanted to share how and WHY I found and took a chance with Paparazzi.

I found Paparazzi a little over one year ago and at exactly the right time for my family. I was a blessed stay at home mom for years and had just returned to work full time when our youngest son became critically ill completely out of the blue!! I had only been working in my new administrative position for 5 weeks when Johnny got sick and we were basically living at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland Ohio for nearly a month! Both of our boys were healthy, active thriving kids. We never thought something like this could happen to our kids. After over two weeks of testing and absolute terror, Johnny was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which is Inflammatory Bowel disease ulcerative colitis. Now, my husband has had Ulcerative Colitis for years and although it is hard for him he was never so severely and dangerously ill. Johnny is in a VERY small percentage of children that not only had an extremely severe form of the disease but also did not respond to the typical treatment which is steroid medication. He was still actively bleeding and we were at day 16!! After a blood transfusion and speaking with our amazing team of doctors we knew that our only option was to begin the process of treating Johnny with a biologic medication. The treatment that would be slowly given to him in steps over the course of a week and then continue in treatments by IV infusions every 8 weeks. By day 3 of introducing the biologic medication, Johnny was making HUGE improvements. He could hold his head up, sit up in bed, the bleeding had stopped and he was getting stronger.

Not long after we were discharged and Johnny was getting stronger every day! I had just started my new job and because I had to miss nearly a month of work my employer had no Choice but to fill my position and now we were down to one income again! To make matters worse we had BOTH been off work for over a month at that point. Not long after we were home I saw a Paparazzi Jewelry Facebook live for the first time!!! I was in awe! I knew with Johnny’s new health needs that an outside of the home full or even part time position was impossible. So I took a chance and signed up with Paparazzi! I came into the buissness thinking that if I could just earn a hundred dollars a week to help my husband I would be grateful!! Holy moly was I shocked that in just a few short months I had added 3 buissness partners and started earning a FULL TIME INCOME. Actually more than at my previous job!!!! All the while being able to be there for Johnny and his health and emotional needs and be with and involved in our oldest sons education and sports!! I was in total disbelief that I had grown this buisness and actually was earning a great full time income. ( btw I had NEVER WORKED IN SALES or done a Facebook live EVER LOL) The absolute best part besides the obvious which is working from home and having the opportunity to be with my kids and husband, was that I truly LOVE the jewelry!! EVERYONE can afford $5. No one has to walk past my booth at an event, or walk around my home boutique and think to themselves how they would LOVE to get a necklace or other items but just can’t afford it. Paparazzi is about empowering and uplifting ALL women (and men) and whether you are my papa sister or a valued customer you will always walk away from a Paparazzi event, party or Facebook live feeling like a million bucks for as little as $5!!!!!!! That is amazing. That is Paparazzi Jewelry!!!
If you are interested in learning more about joining my team please feel free to contact me anytime. With Paparazzi we truly have a sisterhood. I have an amazing team of women that I love and as their sponsor I will always be here to help them in anyway that I can!! Whether it’s their first week or first year I will always be here. The bond that we have as a team is incredible. Paparazzi Jewelry has truly changed my life and enabled me to take care of my son’s health needs while still providing an EXCELLENT financial support to my husband and family. So if you are wondering if Paparazzi is really as amazing as you have heard, or if you can truly make GREAT money selling $5 jewelry the answers to those questions is YES!!! YES YOU CAN!!! I tell you all of this with absolute certainty and I say this to you now just as i did a little over one year ago. The proof is that I am STILL HERE!!! Still succeeding and growing. Still incredibly grateful to be a Paparazzi Consultant!! Xoxo

Wishing you all strong coffee, love
And success!
Director &
Leader of Team Dream Queens

If you would like to join my team, you can go to my website and scroll down to the very bottom and click on the “join my team” tab. There are several starter kit options but I recommend the $99 starter kit!! Not only is it the least expensive, iy is the kit I chose and started with too!! It’s a great kit and has everything you need to get an amazing start!!!