Top 10 Reasons why your Direct sales business is NOT thriving.

(and how to fix what is holding you back) I have never worked in sale or marketing. The absolute closest I ever was to being in "sales" was a cashier in a department store, when I was in college. I am so NOT a salesy type of person. I happened to find a product that [...]

Spring Style 2019 (Practical fashion)

If you are anything like me than you are probably scrolling through Pinterest looking for all of the cute new looks that are trending for Spring. You are also probably looking at some of the runway fashions and thinking that as trendy and sleek as those bold outfits may be they are definitely not something [...]


Happy Planner Accessories pack opening!

I love getting new washi tapes, labels and stickers for my planners. It is really one of my favorite "me time" activities. I look forward to Sundays when I know I will get to decorate and start to fill in my new week in my Happy Planner. I truly enjoy it and even though I [...]